Having your own poker club has many advantages. As well as enjoying a growing level of traffic and a cohesive community that is growing all the time, having a club allows you to go further and do your bit to help a poker union grow and create an even bigger community of poker fans from all over the world, eager to enjoy the best games regardless of where they are from or what time zone they are in.

If you have created your poker club and already have enough traffic to think bigger, watch out: you have the chance to take advantage of all the benefits of joining 226 Union, one of the largest poker unions.

What is 226 Union

226 Union is one of the best poker unions for private clubs to join and grow one of the largest and most established poker communities. As the poker app market has expanded dramatically in the last few years, it’s easy to find an excuse to make your private poker club a member of a union.

226 Union is a large poker network. It has several clubs that share traffic with each other, bringing together all the benefits, features, game modes and services of each club under one name. This simplifies the search for the user, brings benefits for the club, which can benefit from a higher level of traffic, and strengthens the union, which needs new clubs to join in order to expand and maintain an attractive and growing level of traffic.

At 226 Union, all tables can be played and shared within the same group. Games, multi-table tournaments… variety is guaranteed.

In the case of 226poker, the clubs that are part of 226 Union enjoy a number of advantages in addition to the innate advantages of a poker union. Honesty and transparency are two fundamental pillars of the platform and they have managed to extrapolate these characteristics to their union, providing an optimal level of security to their users and guaranteeing transparency in their deposits and withdrawals.

Each of the clubs that are part of the union is under constant supervision of the director or owner of the union, who is responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of tournaments, games and the administration of poker agents.

How to add your poker club to 226 Union

To get your club added to 226 Union, you just need to follow a series of simple steps that will be specified after contacting the platform. In the case of 226 Union, each membership request must be treated individually, so you can only apply for membership through direct contact with the 226poker platform.

There are only two requirements for all clubs wishing to join the union: to be transparent in terms of genuine traffic, and to have demonstrated the ability to handle deposits and withdrawals transparently and promptly.

If irregularities in either of these two aspects are detected, the club can be banned. The presence of bots or a non-genuine source of players, or opacity in the transfer policies for deposits and withdrawals are more than enough reasons to exclude the club from joining.

In the event that you wish to join 226 Union as a player, you will need to directly contact the union administrator or poker agent to submit a membership application. Once you have completed and submitted the application form and made your first deposit, you will be able to play at 226 Union.

Each of the clubs that are part of 226 Union have a small identification badge, so that any player can check whether the club he/she wants to join or is already a member of is part of the 226 Union umbrella or not.

Advantages of joining your club to 226 Union

However, if you meet these two requirements and your club has everything you need, it can be registered with 226 Union. As we mentioned at the beginning, being part of a club like 226poker brings important advantages, almost always in two directions, improving both the development and the position of the club itself and the union.

The benefits begin to be felt from the moment the club is integrated into the union: the available traffic increases considerably, the search and allocation of tables is streamlined, there are no time slots without traffic, the variety of games increases, players from all backgrounds can enjoy the union regardless of their level of experience…

In addition, in the case of 226poker, there is a Telegram channel designed to keep up to date with the latest news, promotions and information of interest to make the game even easier.