XPoker Review

As an experienced poker player, on this occasion I wanted to review this young application belonging to the European gaming mogul Talpa Network and developed by Funnygames. I will try to be as honest as possible based on my experience with this app that I have been using for about two months. The first thing I have to make clear is that, if you want to make your poker career here, you are still going to have to wait a little bit, since the app is very young -take into account that it was born in 2020-. However, what you can do is to add it to your list of apps on your smartphone and complement them with the others, and if you are a poker grinder it is very convenient for you since the players are quite soft.

In any case, I will detail all this in more depth in this X Poker review so that there are no doubts and you can decide if you really want to invest your time in this app or not.

Advantages of X Poker

X Poker is an application, according to my point of view, with a lot of advantages -something in which many of the comments about X-Poker, opinions and ratings on the net also agree-. In a detailed and orderly manner, these are the advantages:

Soft players

Soft players, from my point of view, are one of the biggest attractions for those of us who are poker grinders. Many of the recreational players come from the Asian continent, so the best time to play in Europe is during the evenings, just like in Asia. The soft action is mostly focused on the PLO5 type tables.

The value of the prizes

XPoker is an application that is progressively and continuously increasing, something that I have been able to verify with the various opinions of X-Poker, reviews and ratings made in the past. As of today, this app already has a total of five clubs with action in Omaha and Hold’em modes. However, the highlight is that these range from $20 to $1,000, depending on the level of each player, which considerably increases the value of the prizes.

Information about players and trackers

XPoker works with an app that can be installed on the cell phone and works great -much better than many others that I have been able to use and that have more fame than this room-. I really like its system of information about the players, as well as the levels and the time remaining, which can be seen in the list of tables. The apk also allows us to install HUD trackers thanks to which we can see some essential data about the players very relevant to know how to carry out our strategy.

Possibility of multi-tabling

Another of the advantages, fundamental for grinders is that you can multi-tabling, in addition it allows you to do it in a very simple and practical way in a total of up to 3 tables. The multi-table mode gives you the option to change the game very quickly, simply by pressing a button at the top of each of the tables.


It is always very valuable that poker applications have a certificate or license that gives us more guarantees when playing. XPoker has an RNG certificate that is completely valid and this has been offered by Gaming Labs. However, the game is not licensed in many countries since it is not played with “real money”.

Lots of promotions and offers to attract players

As we have already mentioned in this X Poker review, this apk is very young which makes the traffic somewhat limited. However, the developers are always looking for strategies to improve it -something you can read in the X-Poker opinions, reviews and ratings-. To do this, what they do is to attract managers of unions and clubs from other apps and offer them better conditions with cheaper diamonds, no hidden commissions when sending chips and the possibility of getting more of the latter if we have a club in another app -or if our VIP level is high-. This can result, for example, in diamonds becoming available at half price, depending on the operators.

Diamond cards, as well as silver, gold and VIP cards can be purchased in the app itself. These give us different advantages, such as access to detailed reports of the opponents (in the case of the silver and gold cards). However, when buying from the app itself, they are more expensive, so it is advisable to do it through an agent.

Disadvantages of XPoker

Continuing with the review, it is important to also mention the disadvantages -if we would not be fair-. What you should know about the disadvantages of this app is the following:

  • The flow of players: Because it is of very recent creation, the traffic is still somewhat reduced. Although we can find peak hours at certain times of the day, especially in the afternoon. In any case, it is a good alternative to combine our participation with other tables in other rooms/clubs. In addition, this is increasing, as can be seen with the data we have available from the past and continues in crescendo, so it is possible that in a short time there will be a considerable jump.

How is the rake in X-Poker

The rake, as well as the rakeback in poker, are fixed for all players (generally the rake is usually 5%). However, depending on the operator you enter with, you can get double rakeback – and this is something that is really worthwhile.

How the software X-Poker is

X-Poker has a cell phone app (Android and iOS) and a newly created software for Windows. These allow you to combine the game with HUD trackers, moreover, the apps are quite intuitive. The app is available in five different languages, including Spanish. It also has a multi-table mode that allows you to switch from one game to another in a very simple and intuitive way -by pressing just one button-. The software and the application allow us to play in different poker modes, the deposit and withdrawal operations are very simple and fast, we can create private clubs and there is action in many tables. Besides, the software is free of charge.

How are deposits and withdrawals in X-Poker?

The deposit method in this poker application is based on money transactions through the most popular cryptocurrencies. Namely, through Bitcoin and USDT (Tether). In addition, no commissions are charged when making deposits and withdrawals. Generally, payouts usually take a total of 48 hours -something that I checked most of the time when performing the operation and in which many of the X-Poker reviews, opinions and ratings of other players agree-. Of course, always on working days.

What types of games are there at XPoker

The games at XPoker are mainly focused on Texas Holdem and Omaha, and its variants, such as Pot Limit Omaha (4&5&6 cards, Hi/Lo). In addition, we can find the most varied tables, such as OFC (with up to $3 per point) and +6 Hold’em; or tables from NL20 to NL200 and PLO5. One of the most outstanding features is the possibility of creating private clubs. That is, you can start a poker table with the rules you prefer and invite your friends to play, as well as chat with them, send emojis and other options while you are playing -for me this is a very fun option to share my passion for poker with other friends, you can organize very entertaining virtual tournaments-.

How is X-Poker’s traffic

Although I have already talked about it in this X-Poker review, I summarize everything you need to know about the traffic before registering. Although it can’t be compared to the poker big boys, X-Poker’s traffic is getting higher and higher as they are implementing various strategies to increase the flow of players -in some cases you may see considerable spikes-. For the moment, it is advisable that you play in the evenings (in European and Asian time) which is when the most connections are concentrated. I agree with many X-Poker reviews, reviews and ratings when describing that the most popular and with more action are the NL10 Hold’em and the +6 Hold’em $0.20 to $10. Although I also saw in some cases NL20, NL200 and PLO5 from $20 to $2k. You can check the traffic in the lobby once you have registered. For this you have to send a request to the admins and wait for them to accept it.

Conclusion of the X-Poker Review

In short, if you have free time in the afternoon and you have a verified profile in other poker applications, XPoker is an excellent option to alternate games. The players are soft and this will give you a great advantage. In case you are learning, this application is also a great and highly recommended. You will be able to compete against players of your level, with tables with great action.