X-Poker Games

X-Poker, despite its short trajectory, has positioned itself as one of the best rated poker apps among recreational players. The Malaysian company Funnygames has put all its efforts into developing an app that would be the best expression of its love for poker.

This is a play money platform in which chips have value under the table. Players enjoy the different poker modalities, such as the popular Hold’em and Omaha, with guaranteed deposit and a VIP rakeback deal.

This platform stands out for developing a fair and safe game for its users. From Texas Holdem, Pot Limit Omaha to Open Face Chinese Poker, players have a wide range of poker games in this app.

If you are interested in knowing in more detail everything related to X-Poker games, stay, this post will interest you.

Players of X-Poker

The X-poker app is a real reference for recreational players, as well as a paradise for more experienced players looking for a more relaxed environment to enjoy poker.

Poker players who prefer micro and low stakes, will have many options to choose from in the games, although you can also see, with a frequency of the most striking, big bets.

As a result, the level in X-Poker games is low, limiting the excitement to those tables where the stakes are higher. This smoothness in the games compensates for the lower traffic of this app compared to other online poker platforms. In fact, you will feel like you are attending a game with friends at home instead of facing real rivals.

In fact, if you prefer, you can create your own private club and invite the friends you want. Open your own poker table, governed by your own rules, where you can chat with your friends, exchange emojis or send voice messages while enjoying your favorite game. And best of all, this option is free!

Traffic of X-Poker

Given the short life of X-poker, it is still early to talk about a large database of players. The app is in an initial process, where we can say that the traffic is relatively small. However, as a strong point to highlight, is that you can play against players from all over the world.

The moments of highest traffic correspond to the afternoons in Asia, hours in which we can see tables from NL20 to NL200 and PLO5 to 2k. Texas Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha 6-max. or shorthanded, are the ones that usually experience the highest traffic. In addition to these popular modalities, we can find other less frequent ones such as Open Face Chinese, available with jokers.

In its lobby we can find the following tables:

  • NL$10 – NL$2k Hold’em.
  • PLO4, PLO5, PLO6 – $20 up to $2k
  • 6+ Hold’em: from $0.20 to $10
  • OFC (regular and other variants): point from $0.1 to $3

X-Poker is aware that its traffic remains at low levels. Something that both its developers and experts know will change over time, experiencing a gradual and steady growth.

Despite this, X-Poker has designed a series of strategies and attractive claims to increase its traffic. Thus, in order to attract managers from other clubs, X-Poker offers the following advantages:

  • Diamonds are 50% cheaper compared to other sites.
  • There is no “hidden 5% commission” when sending chips.
  • If you have a club in another app, you will get 1.5 in chips, the same club level, and time left over.
  • Same VIP level and time for your players and extra VIP cards.

Register at X-Poker

Besides the traffic, the different game modes and the soft level that you will find in them, there are many other reasons to download the X-Poker app and start playing. Among them are the multi-table option, the valid RNG certificate, which guarantees the reliability and security of the app, or the guaranteed deposit.

If you no longer have any doubt that X-Poker is the poker app you were waiting for, you can access the registration directly from its website or from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Whichever support you choose, they will provide you with stability and the easiest handling.

If you decide to play from your PC, you can use an Android emulator.

Conclusion about X-poker

The X-Poker app has a very promising way to go. We are still moving in an uncharted terrain, although already well known by recreational Asian players, friends of low stakes and soft game. But make no mistake, X-poker has experienced moments of great excitement, with high stakes and facing experienced players.

The games are varied, being able to choose from the most traditional modalities to the most original and rare in other poker apps. As for the traffic, if you want to enjoy more movement, play in the hours that coincide in the evenings in China and face opponents from all over the world.