The market of apps to play in poker clubs has grown so much in the last years that you can find hours and hours of fun and exciting encounters at any time thanks to poker Unions like ours, where poker clubs join forces to get massive traffic games.

Do you want to enjoy the most exciting games whenever you want? Join 226 Union, the poker union that guarantees hours and hours of fun to the members of its poker clubs. Composed of several clubs from every corner of the planet, 226 Union welcomes an exponential traffic at its tables, guaranteeing action 24 hours a day. Why wouldn’t you enjoy the best poker union?

How poker unions work

A poker union acts in a similar way to a poker network, with different skins or poker clubs sharing traffic with each other through a larger name that brings them all together. The poker clubs are integrated within the same skin, and all the tables you can play are shared within the same group. The games, MTT tournaments and the supervision of the different poker clubs and the agents that work them are responsibility of the director or owner of the union, who is the one who must make sure that everything works correctly. Something we do perfectly at 226Poker. However, these alliances are just that: agreements that work independently from the poker applications.

Thus, the clubs belonging to the Union226 enjoy the great advantages of this important poker union: variety of games, exciting tournaments, massive traffic and, above all, security and transparency in the management of deposits and withdrawals. The different clubs that are part of the poker union are supervised by a director or owner of the union, in charge of ensuring the proper functioning of everything related to the holding of tournaments, games and the proper administration of poker agents.

Create a poker club

Any player can create a poker club and play in Pokerhub. The procedure to follow is very simple, since you will only have to register the club you want to set up and send the relevant invitations to those players who want to belong to your private poker club, taking into account that this platform may have a limit on the number of members per club. Of course, if you want the club to be successful and attractive to players, you will have to organize different game tables with several poker modalities (either Texas Hold’Em, Stud, Omaha…) and plan both games and tournaments, which is what players demand the most. After setting up a poker club, don’t forget to register it with our Union!

Register your club at pokerhub

Invite players to your club

Organize games at out Union

Want to join our poker union?

All you have to do is contact us and let us know. The requirements we ask you to fulfill are simple and consist of the following points:

Real players

As you can imagine, your source of players must be genuine and not from bots. If we detect suspicious activity, your club will be banned.

Deposit and withdrawal management

In order to register your club to our Union we will need you to manage correctly the deposits and withdrawals of your players, with total transparency and speed.

Join our Telegram channel

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How to join a poker union as a player

The only thing you will have to do is to talk to an agent or to the manager of the specific union in order to send him/her a request to join a club. After that, with your deposit you will be able to start playing.

How to know if a poker club belongs to a Union

To find out if a poker club belongs to a union or not you will only have to look in the lobby of its application for a small identification badge characteristic of all the private poker clubs that belong to a Union.