As online poker has grown in recent times, the range of software programs and tools designed to improve players’ performance and help them gather information has grown to create a diverse and populated software offering.

It is this plethora that can make it difficult for an unreferenced player to know where to start looking. For this reason, we have decided to prepare this article in which we explain what the so-called “trackers” are and which are the best ones you can find on the market.

What is an online poker tracker?

To play online poker like a pro, you don’t just need technique: information plays a vital role. But such is the amount of data that can be collected during a game that it takes a lot of training to be able to memorize all the important information to try to beat your opponents.

To help the player gather valuable information about the playing style and statistical values of the opponents during a game, there are programs that can track what is happening at the virtual table to collect all the information. Having access to one of these applications can make all the difference, as it can provide important data about an opponent’s style of play and create statistics to understand their game.

Because of their monitoring function, these tools are called “trackers”, which refers to the entire range of programs that are used to collect data from a game. They collect all kinds of data and are able to show the player a multitude of statistics. In this way, the player can make any queries he or she wishes with the data collected by the program.

Although it may seem that collecting data from one game cannot make a difference, in reality it can: a professional player may play several hundred games in the course of a year.

While the data from a single game may not be representative or statistically valuable, from 400 or 500 games the data collected can be useful in creating a database that allows patterns to be established, providing valuable information about the play of opponents and the player using the tracker.

A poker tracker is a tool that can be used in different types of games. The poker HUD also allows you to see different ratios of your game and your opponent’s, being able to obtain data about the percentage of hands that raise preflop, or the percentage of hands that a player decides to put money in at his own risk.

What is all this for? To correct mistakes in our game, to analyze our style and that of our opponents and to reproduce and export the game to review specific aspects that we want to work on for future games. In addition, we can analyze our hands and those of our opponents and keep track of our balance of wins and losses.

The best 5 tracker programs for poker

In terms of features and performance, the following can be considered the best poker trackers currently available:

Advanced Poker HUD. This is a truly comprehensive poker tracker. It displays a vast number of statistics, sets up profiles based on the data collected and can study specific moves or store specific data to create customized statistics. For example, if we want to study the 3-bet raise from different positions at the table, we can do it with this tracker.

Time Mojo. Surely there will be those who do not consider Time Mojo as a poker tracker to use, but it is actually a very useful tool because it counts the time it takes a player (it can be you) to act in different situations: how long it takes an opponent to make a continuation bet, how long it takes to call or check… All this helps to establish data about the profile of the player studied and helps to know them better.

Hold’em Manager 3. It is a poker tracker that lacks nothing. It has a large number of important functions and ratios, and stores historical data to be able to consult the statistics elaborated from the information obtained from a specific game. It acts, therefore, as a large data warehouse, being able to filter them to make our queries.

Noecaddy Edge 3.0. The appearance of its interface is not the best, but it is really a very complete poker tracker. It is widely used to calculate, for example, poker equity and to make an in-depth study of the playing style of each opponent.

Poker Tracker 4. It works in a similar way to the most powerful trackers, carrying out a study of the main data collected in the games. Although it falls short in options compared to the rest of the proposals, it does allow you to manage a good number of statistics and is an ideal tool for daily use.

In essence, although poker trackers serve the same purpose, in reality, choosing one or the other will depend on the options they allow for handling data queries, the accuracy and speed with which this information is stored and the queries that can be made in each program. The choice of one or the other, as always, is up to the player.