If you are a fan of the card game par excellence, surely you have ever considered participating in poker tournaments. Every year dozens of competitions are held, both national and international, where players from all over the world measure their skill with the cards.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player, poker tournaments are a modality to be enjoyed at least once in a lifetime. The roller coaster of emotions that you experience, even before you sit down at the table, will make you experience the most intense and vibrant side of poker.

Controlling your emotions will be key to face these frenetic sessions, but managing different poker tournament strategies will open the door to profits or, at least, to avoid losses.

Do you dream of participating in exciting poker tournaments, but are held back by fear? Check out these interesting and useful tournament poker strategies and take your first steps in this fantastic game.

Start with online tournaments

In online poker rooms you will find daily poker tournaments. The best of all, is the wide variety of modalities that you will find.

Sit&Go, Multi-Table, Knockout, Freeroll or Re-Entry tournaments are just some of the types of tournaments you will find in online poker rooms. You just have to try different modalities and choose the one you like the most.

Why start with online tournaments? If you get used to the frenetic pace experienced in online poker rooms, sharing a table with your opponents, face to face, will be easier.

In addition to the variety of online tournament types, you will also find different levels to adapt your game to. For example, amateur tournaments present a great opportunity for less experienced players to get started. You will be able to develop your strategies and find out if they work or not.

This is an excellent way to gradually improve your game and learn from your opponents at the same time. If you are a player who is starting in the world of poker and/or tournaments, you cannot miss this post full of strategies for beginners: https://226poker.com/basic-poker-strategies-tips-and-tricks-for-beginners/

The strategy for online poker tournaments that you should follow is: full concentration and, if you are an experienced player, bet on multi-tabling. As far as concentration is concerned, avoid any distractions around you. If you really want to learn how tournaments work, you have to put your five senses in the game.

As for multi-tabling, it is only recommended for real sharks. The more tables you play, the better your chances of winning. In this sense, if you want to keep an eye on all the tables, we advise you to use at least two screens. Remember to highlight the moves that interest you the most.

Want to learn more tips on strategies for advanced players? Click on the following link: https://226poker.com/advanced-poker-strategies-tips-and-tricks-for-sharks/

Know your opponents in the first few hands

At the beginning of tournaments, the blinds are low. This makes the players at the table, who have all their starting stack, play more hands.

What to do in these first moves? Watch your opponents. How they play, what are their gestures, what are their possible mistakes. Knowing how to “read” the opponents provides great information, because you can anticipate the moves or detect possible bluffs.

This first strategy leads us to the next one:

In the initial phase, don’t play all the hands

Not playing all the hands in the initial phase has its reason: firstly, because it allows us to focus our attention on knowing the opponents’ game and, secondly, it helps us not to waste chips.

Sometimes, especially for beginners, when they have a large initial stack, they get carried away by the excitement and start playing hands without control. The result? A bad strategy that will make you lose a good amount of chips.

In the initial phase, try to create a good hand and get to the showdown, that is, to show your cards in the last round. High pairs are a good reason to go all the way in these early stages of tournaments.

The importance of position

If you’re wondering how to win a poker tournament, you have to start by getting a good seat. Your position at the table influences your playing strategy, since, depending on where you are located, you will have more or less information about the hand.

For example: if you are the first player to receive cards, you will have to make a blind bet, that is, without knowing the other cards of your opponents. On the other hand, if you are the last player at the table, you will be the most coveted of all, since you will know all the players’ bets, that is, you will be the player with the most information.

The real game starts at the end

In tournaments, you have to be clear that, in the first phases of the game, you only have one goal: to survive.

In the first phase of the tournaments, you will have to devote your efforts to not take any risk. Try to get good hands and get to know your opponents. Then, when the blinds start to rise, the aggressive play begins, with which you will manage to win more chips without even reaching the showdown.

In the last phase there are only two possibilities: go all-in or fold. At this point, remember that the farther away you are at the table from the starting position, the better your chances of succeeding with an All-in.

Aggressive play: your ally

Putting pressure on your opponents through aggressive play often results in a good strategy. This “change of gears in the game”, from a passive way of playing to an aggressive one, consists of raising many hands and getting a good number of pots, even if they are small.

But remember: once you start pressing, you have to do it steadily, without giving your opponents a chance. In this sense, poker multi-tabling tournaments are the most suitable for aggressive players, who remain constant in their pre-flop bets.