Within the group of Chinese poker modalities, OFC poker is the most popular. It is a very well-known poker game worldwide, the most popular after Texas Hold’em and Omaha poker.

It is a type of poker that is based on the use of points, not chips, a distinctive feature of OFC poker. These points are accumulated according to a standardized and widely accepted system. Players familiar with Texas Hold’em will find it familiar, since Open Face Chinese poker employs the same hand rankings as the American variant of poker.

Something very peculiar about this type of Chinese poker is that it is played with a great deal of information. While other types of poker are known as “incomplete information games”, OFC poker is played with as much information as possible. The only thing that is hidden from the opponent are the cards that are discarded.

Open Face Chinese Poker Rules

The rules of OFC poker are very simple. Broadly speaking, these are its premises:

  • Two or three players can play per hand.
  • Each player receives 5 cards. When they are dealt, they must be left face up.
  • At the end of the hand, each player must have 13 cards organized in 3 rows.
  • The three rows are divided into: front hand, middle hand and back hand. The first is formed with only 3 cards, and the rest with 5 cards.
  • After the first 5 cards are dealt, each player decides which card to put in each row. It is possible to leave one or two rows blank at this point.
  • Three more cards are dealt to the players, of which they retain two and discard one. The process is repeated until all 13 cards are dealt.
  • The back hand must beat the middle hand, and the middle hand must beat the front hand, using the Texas Hold’em hand rankings. Hands of the same value are valid, but if they are not so configured, you will commit a foul and your opponent will automatically win.
  • A foul means losing 6 points, which are added to each player at the table.
  • Those who enter Fantasyland will receive 14 cards at once and must choose one to discard. In addition, in Fantasyland you can arrange three rows without having to search for projects or make decisions without knowing what the next card will be, which is an important strategic advantage.
  • The point system is equal to the size of the blind chosen for the table, so a blind size of 3 means that the combined score of points x3 is the total winnings of the hand.

Optimal Strategies in OFC Poker

Position is very important in OFC poker. As the hand develops, you will be able to build your hand with more information, and this allows those who are not in position to re-engage in the game.

A basic part of winning strategies in OFC poker is blockers. It is very important to be aware of the cards that are out of the deck, so you will not chase cards that are no longer playing.

You must also form your hands without making mistakes. It is frustrating when your cards can beat your opponent, but you get beaten because of a foul. That is why it is important to set up your hands properly.

Some of the best strategies are based on some advanced aspects of Fantasyland that the pros will control. Keep in mind that, depending on where you play, the platform may or may not have differentiating elements of this Fantasyland. You may even find yourself with a variable number of cards, jokers and other modifiers.

In summary: avoid mistakes, do not discard the cards that give you a draw, do not force yourself to put cards in the three hands with the first draw and be very attentive to the blockers.

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