A multi-table tournament is a tournament in which several poker tables are held. Each of the players starts from the same base, with identical conditions, pooling the rules and homogenizing the characteristics of the game at all the tables of the tournament.

The key point of these competitions is that they allow players to play several hands at the same time at different tables, being able to use different strategies in each case, but benefiting from a buy-in that never changes, amortizing the entry fee and making access very affordable for all types of players.

MTT in poker: characteristics of multi-table tournaments

As soon as a multi-table tournament starts, each player gets a certain number of points. The number of points distributed to all players is identical. As the game progresses, they will lose points. When a player loses all the points, he/she is eliminated from the tournament. The game is played until only one player is left standing, the absolute winner of the tournament, who will be crowned champion.

The advantages of playing in an online MTT are many. For starters, the diversification of strategies is a plus for those who want to play more than one hand in different ways and who, in addition, find themselves with the ability to handle several open situations.

Another feature that makes multi-table tournaments so peculiar: the number of players that can be gathered. The variety of tables will depend on each room, given that each platform has a reference capacity according to its traffic peaks and the variety of games it offers, but it allows these tournaments to be nourished by players of different origins and experience, so that each player can enjoy the multitudinous competitions.

MTT strategy: how to play optimally

If you have never tried to play in a multi-table tournament, one thing you have to remember is that it is a competition unlike any other you have ever known. A multi-table tournament goes at a very different pace than, for example, a spin poker game. Here it’s about diversifying strategies, not going for a multiplier and making quick decisions.

Assuming that the strategy in a poker MTT is more leisurely, you should forget about trying to win the tournament in the first few hands. Here the course is long and there is a lot to play for, so be patient.

Your allies at almost all times will be the connected middle cards, which can be of great help in establishing a clear strategic roadmap when you have survived the first few rounds.

Continuation bets are especially important in a multi-table tournament, because many of the pots you’ll be playing for can probably be fought for with these continuation bets, which will keep the game alive. And don’t forget that connected middle cards are very useful in the final stages of the game.

Another important aspect: opponents who call your continuation bet and then bet on the turn should be in your sights, because they are probably the ones who are hiding their cards and can take you out of the pot at the last moment.

Limping, as a general rule, is discouraged in a poker MTT, especially in good postflop players who should base their game on raising hands, which allows them to take the initiative on the flop, as well as to win the hand almost instantly.

Expert tips for playing in multi-table environments

Poker MTTs are tournaments where selective ability is paramount. This allows you to bifurcate strategies, encourage the multitasking component of these competitions and make the mind remain aware of what remains in the background, something vital to be able to successfully carry out the different strategies that have been applied from different positions at different tables.

A pro tip is to change the way you play when you have managed to expand your stack to the limit you have set for yourself. Likewise, if you have not achieved it, it is also advisable to vary the way you play so as not to x-ray your game.

Don’t just change your moves: modify the rhythm, let some tells show and hide others… It is easy to upset your opponents, especially when it seems that you don’t know how to play a poker MTT and it seems at all times that you don’t have the game under control.

Another critical aspect is playing outside the bankroll, something to avoid at all costs because it negatively affects decision making. Taking into account that an MTT is a tournament where what counts is the long term, it is important that the bankroll is never out of the limit.

On a side note, depending on the platform you choose and how exploratory you like to be, there may come a time when you encounter different kinds of multi-table tournaments. For example, MTT shootouts are especially loved by fans of multi-table tournaments, because each table brings together the winners of the previous one, forming a kind of competition with the best of the best of the competition, allowing you to measure yourself against the most pro players of each round.