From Malaysia and from the hand of the Fuunnygames organization, the X-Poker app burst onto the market. We are facing a recently created app – year 2020 – so we still have to wait to evaluate, with greater certainty, some of the most outstanding aspects as far as online poker is concerned.

However, we are facing one of the platforms that, since its creation, has experienced a greater growth, positioning itself as a true reference in the online poker sector. One of the reasons for its rapid success can be found in its belonging to the Dutch firm Talpa Network, one of the leaders in the casual games market in Europe.

This young platform, with great potential, has, in addition to its traffic, some very interesting features. Therefore, before developing more in depth the subject that concerns us today, the traffic of X-Poker, we will briefly mention its features, so that you have an overview of this promising platform.

X-Poker Features

At the end of 2020 a new poker app appears, backed by one of the largest companies in the European gaming market. Such backing has allowed it to make its way among other poker club apps, with which it shares a very similar business model: a platform where you play with play money and where the chips have value under the table.

Characterized by a modern software that, in addition, allows the multi-table option, X-Poker is positioned as one of the best platforms to enjoy friendly competitions in which you can quickly change games by pressing a button located at the top of the tables.

It lacks some of the most frequent commissions in other poker apps, such as the hidden 5% commission when sending chips. In fact, in case you have a club in another app, you can get up to 1.5 more chips, keeping the same level of the other club.

The valid RNG certificate from Gaming Labs guarantees the reliability and security of this app.

Having defined some of the most interesting features of the app, we tell you how are the X-Poker games and how is the traffic in them.

X-Poker games and traffic

Given the recent creation of X-Poker, its player database is still at a very incipient level, although constantly growing. In its lobby we can find the following tables:

  • Hold ’em NL$10 – NL$2k.
  • PLO4, PLO5, PLO6 – $20 up to $2k
  • 6+ Hold’em: from $0.20 to $10
  • OFC (regular and other variants): point from $0.1 to $3.

X-Poker carries out a number of strategies to see its audience grow. Among them, it is worth noting its attempt to attract administrators of unions and clubs from other apps, offering them conditions such as: good VIP level for their players; obtaining chips if we have a club in another app or the aforementioned lack of hidden commissions, derived from the sending of chips.

X-Poker offers you to play a wide and varied number of game formats, either on iPhone, iPad, Android or PC, installing an Android emulator. Included are the most popular game modes such as Texas Holdem, Pot-Limit Omaha with 4 or 5 cards and OFC.

After several reviews, experts have determined that, the highest traffic, is experienced during the evenings in Europe and Asia, when we can see tables from NL20 to NL200 and PLO5 to 2k. There are also OFC games up to $3 per point.

We could determine that, the traffic in X-Poker is low, but we must take into account it’s still short life in the world of poker apps. Also, we could define it as soft, which makes it a parallel app for many users who already play in other poker apps and simply want to enjoy soft tables, especially in cash games up to NLHE/PLO 5/10. Therefore, it is thought that X-Poker’s traffic will grow over time, as the action it offers is quite smooth, generating a very rewarding experience for many players.

This smoothness in the X-Poker games compensates for the lower traffic of this app compared to other online poker platforms. In fact, you will feel like you are attending a game with friends at home instead of facing real rivals.

Among its strong points, as far as traffic is concerned, it is worth mentioning that you will be able to face players from all over the world.


X-Poker is the most recent addition of a poker app to the industry. Since its launch in late 2020, the app has only experienced exponential growth in the Asian poker community.

Its team of programmers and designers has been inspired by other poker apps for its development and design, but it boasts its own features and advantages that make it a true benchmark.

This is a practically newborn app, so its traffic is low, but with great potential. For those players who want to enjoy soft tables and soft games, X-Poker is the place to be.