General information about X-Poker

X-Poker is an application focused on the most famous card game in the world. This app stands out for using a cutting-edge technology that allows players to compete with real money through chips. It has been developed by the company Funnygames and was presented to the market at the end of 2020. When we talk about X-Poker we refer to a poker application with which it is possible to create private clubs -with the rules you prefer, invite friends and chat with them-, as well as participate in different types of tables. In this article we will explain specifically what this software is based on, how it works and what its features are. Let’s get to it!

How does X-Poker work?

The X-Poker application has been recently created, so it is gradually being updated with new features and progressively increasing the traffic of its players who are gradually choosing this option to carry out their games. Among its strategies to increase traffic stand out that of attracting administrators from other clubs and establishing unions with other apps, such as PPPoker and PokerBros. The X-Poker application has, to date, four clubs in which you can participate. These are:

  • Snatch!
  • PokerHub XL
  • Underground Gamblers
  • Up & Down

This application can be downloaded directly from the Google Play store and completely free of charge. Moreover, in it it is possible to participate in tables of the type:

  • Hold ’em NL$10 – NL$2k.
  • PLO4, PLO5, PLO6 – $20 up to $2k.
  • 6+ Hold’em: from $0.20 to $10.
  • OFC (regular and other variants): point from $0.1 to $3.

What does X-Poker offer?

With X-Poker you can perform a large number of functions. These are:

  • Create private clubs with your own rules.
  • Participate in up to 3 tables simultaneously (multi-tabling).
  • Have total control of the game.
  • Enable the Jackpot option.
  • Interact with the rest of friends or users through messages, voice and emojis.

It is important to highlight that the union of this app with other applications and administrators of other clubs is increasing user traffic, it also benefits players in several ways since it allows them to acquire diamonds 50% cheaper -compared to other places-, there is no hidden commission of 5% at the time of sending the chips, the latter are multiplied by 1.5x for those who have a club in another app -in addition to keeping the level and remaining time- and, finally, they offer the same VIP level. As for the rake and rakeback of the app, the promotions depend on each agent, being able to obtain an exclusive deposit guarantee or a superior deal depending on each of them. The rake structure is defined by the organizer of each game, although it is usually 5% with a 3bb limit.

How are deposits and withdrawals made at X-Poker?

In X-Poker payments are made through cryptocurrencies, specifically, through Bitcoin and USDT (Tether), which are the most popular cryptocurrencies. As for bankroll withdrawals, these usually take about 48 hours (business days) until they reach the players’ wallets. In addition, no fees are charged for deposits or withdrawals. Payouts are fast and deposits are guaranteed.

X-Poker Ownership and Reliability Information

X-Poker is owned by the Malaysian company Funnygames. This entity belongs to one of the leading Dutch media conglomerates, which are also leaders in the casual gaming market in Europe. This is: Talpa Network. Its business model is based on fictitious money with chips that have a value below the table. The company has a valid RNG certificate from Gaming Labs issued to Pony Technology Co., Limited. However, this company lacks public information on the Internet. It is important to remember that X-Poker is a young app based on the agent-club system that is in full growth.