Advantages of playing at X-Poker

X-Poker is one of the platforms that has grown the most in the field of online poker. Despite being one of the newest (it was presented at the end of 2020), this application, developed by the Malaysian company Funnygames, has become quite a reference in the online gaming sector.

Funnygames is part of Talpa Network, one of the largest Dutch conglomerates in terms of media, and is the leading firm in the casual games market throughout Europe. It is formed, according to the company itself, by a group of “excellent programmers and poker enthusiasts”, a combination that can only lead to one place: to one of the top positions in the ranking of the best online poker platforms.

What are the advantages of playing poker at X-Poker?

Currently, X-Poker is made up of four clubs where you can play both Hold’em and Omaha from $20 to $1,000. It is also possible to find OFC and +6 tables, which makes the platform one of the most varied online meeting points of all those that make up the offer of gaming services on the network.

One of the main advantages of playing at X-Poker is that beginners will have access to professional rewards, being able to enjoy a VIP rakeback deal with important benefits. Although the promotions obtained depend, as in any other application, on each player’s agent, each user who registers at Worldpokerdeals will receive an exclusive deposit guarantee and a superior rakeback deal.

Among all the fronts on which X-Poker is working, the one of club administrators and unions with other applications is the one that is concentrating more resources. These partnerships have a very positive impact on users, who will now be able to see that diamonds are 50% cheaper.

These alliances also bring important benefits in other aspects: there is no longer the famous “hidden” 5% commission when tokens are sent, the same VIP level is shared for all players in the same club (a benefit that expands to other aspects, such as extra VIP cards). In addition, in case you have a club in another application, you can get up to 1.5 more chips, keeping the same level of the club.

X-Poker is a newborn platform that has just started to take its first steps in the online poker sector. That has not prevented it from having some of the most advanced systems, as it currently has a Random Number Generator that guarantees that the games are not rigged. This translates into fairer games for all users, with everyone having the same opportunities during the game.

Lovers of multi-table tournaments also have in X-Poker one of the best platforms for friendly competitions, since it has a friendly multi-table mode that allows, in addition, to quickly change games by means of a small button located at the top of the tables that does not interfere with any of the elements on the screen.

In short, X-Poker is a young platform, created by a dynamic team of programmers that allows combining the different clubs and that boosts loyalty thanks to the elimination of certain commissions, being one of the most accessible firms in this sense. It has a large number of “soft tables”, has a hand converter HUD, a Random Number Generator, a certified RNG and a system to speed up payments, guaranteeing deposits and, moreover, starting to operate with cryptocurrencies.