Poker, in addition to being a competitive game, is one with a strong social component, really interesting for those players who seek interaction with other poker fans beyond the pure and simple rivalry.

The best alternative to exploit this social component is to use precisely a poker application that focuses on creating the ideal environment to encourage player interaction and expand the reach of its community. The best example? Pokerhub.

Security in poker apps: why is it an important factor?

When choosing a poker app, we usually look at the range of games and tournaments it can offer us. Of course, it is important that the app meets our expectations and has the game modes and formats we are interested in.

However, playing in a safe environment is vital to enjoy poker to the fullest. We tell you why you should always play in safe poker apps, such as PokerHub:

  • Avoid fraud and cheating: In a secure app, you are less likely to encounter players cheating or using illegal support programs. This ensures fair competition and an authentic gaming eperience.
  • Fair play: Secure poker apps use reliable random number generators (RNGs) to ensure that cards are dealt fairly and randomly. This ensures that the game is completely fair and that all players have an equal chance. Pokerhub is one such app.
  • Personal data protection: A secure poker app ensures that your personal data, such as your name, address and financial data, is protected against potential cyber threats. This significantly reduces the risk of identity theft and fraud.
  • Protection against phishing: Secure apps often have additional security measures to protect players against phishing attacks and fake websites trying to steal their credentials.

Now that you know some of the most important reasons why you should choose a poker app with all its certificates in order, find out what other advantages Pokerhub hides to be considered one of the best poker apps of the moment.

Variety of formats

Pokerhub has many virtues, and one of them is the variety of games and modalities it brings together. Some of the most popular types of poker come together on its platform, but there is also room for minority games.


The star variant of poker and one of the most popular games, if not the most. No Limit Hold’em games are designed for those adventurous players who prefer to play no-limit Texas Hold’em. Being the most played poker variant, it is not surprising that it is the preferred option for a large part of the Pokerhub community.


At Pokerhub, the app contains several options to enjoy Omaha poker games. The Pot Limit of 4, 5 and 6 players predominate. You can enter with your friends and enjoy PLO4, PLO5 and PLO6 tables.


There are also tables for more than 6 players, designed for larger groups looking for strong emotions and facing the rest in a competitive game.


The highlight for many are multi-table tournaments. Thanks to the club system and the strong social component of Pokerhub, it is possible to compete in multi-table tournaments where diversifying strategies is the best option. Being able to play multi-table tournaments with friends is a way to enjoy deep and complex games with the security of enjoying high-level games, good friends and a great competitive spirit.

Guaranteed organic traffic

One of the things that makes Pokerhub special is that all the games in progress are made up of real players. By guaranteeing an optimal level of organic traffic, the entire community is given the certainty of being able to enjoy poker games with real users, maximizing the competitive and social nature of poker and making the game much more authentic.

The experience thus improves substantially, maintaining the authenticity of the games also for those who join Pokerhub alone and seek to expand their social circle to enjoy poker in company.

Join the community on Telegram

To enhance the social possibilities of Pokerhub, the app has its own Telegram channel that allows its entire community to be aware of the latest news, meet new users and learn to take advantage of all the options that Pokerhub includes.

It is a channel designed to give a closer touch to the community, taking advantage of the possibilities offered by current messaging platforms, making playing poker just one part of the experience of being part of Pokerhub.

50% rakeback for players

Thanks to 226poker and its poker club, users can enjoy exclusive benefits at Pokerhub, such as 50% rakeback. Pokerhub has a loyalty system that rewards players for expanding their experience on the platform, uniting the community and promoting quality gaming.

Playing at the 226 poker club also has other additional advantages, such as the full availability of its tables, having the best references in terms of security and having one of the widest game offers within reach.

100% safe game

Security is vital when it comes to enjoying the best experience in online poker, and taking into account that both Pokerhub and the 226 poker club have the most advanced security tools, which has earned them the best certifications at the level of cybersecurity.

This allows any member of Pokerhub and the 226 poker club to have all the guarantees when accessing the gaming tables, guaranteeing an experience that lives up to expectations.

The most advanced poker software

Pokerhub is what it is thanks to the integration of advanced tools both in terms of security and gaming. Its club search system, the interface, the messaging platform… everything is intuitive and accessible thanks to the improvements implemented and the use of advanced tools.

Always available

At any time and wherever you are, Pokerhub will be available to offer you the best poker experience with friends. Join a club or create your own and enjoy your favorite variety of poker.

Daily bonus

Pokerhub rewards all members of its community with each daily entry to the platform. By collecting rewards, you can enjoy a greater collection of tokens and elements to exchange for items in the app store.